Inheritance Tax Calculator

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This is a basic calculator that takes into account primary assets and liabilities. The estimated tax liability may be subject to variation as a result of tax planning, PETS and so on.

Please enter the value of your assets and liabilities.

Your Assets (£)* Business
Life policies
Other assets
Your LiabilitiesMortgage
Other liabilities
ResultsNet assets value
Amount subject to
Inheritance tax
Estimated tax liability

* The value of your business and the extent to which this should be included in your estate requires careful consideration and an understanding of tax law.

* This calculator does not allow for the potential benefit of the Residence Nil Rate Band that applies to deaths from April 2017. If you have a high value estate, that includes a main residence, we suggest that you contact us so we can provide you with a detailed estimate of your likely IHT liabilities.

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